Below is some feedback from clients……..

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to attend your workshops and one on one sessions. I have experienced amazing growth rising into my true self and transmuting the old energy.

Joy, healing, bliss, calm, laughter, connections, clarity, tears, sharing, love, peace, being, friendships, truth, in a safe and sacred space.

Christina M.

I didn’t understand why I had joined the group at first but I do now. Rhonda guides you gently to where you need to be.  My personal growth has been far greater than I expected and in the process. I have met some wonderful people. Each meeting is a new experience.‚Äč

Gavin S.

I must say this, that Shabbat sunny morning was the living proof for Me, that You are a true Healer and Lightworker, and that Our Spiritual energy drew all the Animals to wanting to join Us, how lovely that felt and touched My Heart !  I thank You a thousand times with all kindliest regards!

Syed K

Thankyou for being part of my healing, my body and mind were both in a very distressed state when I first met you.